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Thursday, 7 May 2009

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You can buy the password to this blog for only 20,000 billion komodias. (Currency)
If you want to buy the password please enter your e-mail adress on a comment.
If you do win 20,000 billion komodias and buy the password, it is illegal to put anything on it without permission.

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

How to win komodians

You can win 8 billion komodians by reading the following text and then answer the questions under the text. Then on a comment put all the answers to it and you must also put your e-mail on the comment.

Journey of a river

The work of the river;
Moving water has energy. The faster it moves the more energy it has.
Rivers have energy, and they can wear things down, move things and carry them along as they flow. We call this the work of the river. The faster a river flows, the more energy it has and the more work it can do. Streams and rivers alter the* landscape by redistributing material through the three processes of erosion, transportation and deposition.
The start of a river
The start of a river is its source, which could be melting snow or ice, a spring (water bubbling out of the ground), a lake or a bog. The source of a river is usually in upland areas such as mountains or hills. Small streams flow downhill from the source and join other streams until they form the main river of a river system. The streams are the tributaries of the main river. In upland areas, water in streams and rivers is very fast-flowing, cutting and eroding the land to form valleys, and features such as waterfalls.
A confluence;
Where two streams join, or a stream joins a river, this is called a confluence. When the ground becomes flatter, the river slows down and starts to swing from side to side (meandering), making large bends (meanders). Sometimes, these large bends become cut off from the main river, and ox bow lakes are
The mouth;
The end of a river, where it flows into the sea or sometimes a lake, is called its mouth. The area where the river meets the sea (the tidal part of the river) is called the estuary. A delta may be formed near the mouth of the river, if the land is very flat and the river is very slow-flowing and carrying a lot of sediment.
Journey of a river

1. What does all moving water have in it?
2. Complete:
The faster the river flows, the more_______________ .
3. What do we call the beginning of the river?
4. Where does the source come from?
5. Where would we usually find the source of a river? Why?
6. How do streams and rivers change the landscape?
7. How do small streams become part of the river?
8. What do we call these small streams that become part of a river?
9. Where do rivers flow very fast?
10. What happens when fast-flowing water passes?
11. What is a confluence?
12. Why do rivers start flowing slowly?
13. What is a meander?
14. At the end of a river, what do we call the place where the river meets the sea?
15. How are deltas form

Borrow our army

You can borrow 200 troops for 2 billion komodias for a month to make them defeat your enemies.
P.S. If you try to take over Komodia they simply won't obey.
If you want to use our troops write your e-mail on a comment.

Create your own planet

If you want to make a planet you can write all about it on a comment and if it's good we will pay you 2 billion komodias. (Currency) With that money you can post one thing for 1 billion komodias on our blog. (You must write your e-mail on the comment too)


Put the answer to this puzzle on a comment and win 20 billion Komodians (Currency)

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Note for the public

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Tuesday, 5 May 2009

WIN a prize to komodia galaxy

You can win a prize by only answering 5 questions.
The competition will start on the:


who will WIN?

Tip: All the answers are on this blog.

You can start voting on the column on the left. All you have to do is vote for the right answer.

Good luck!

Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Komodia Fleet

Beware of our fleet. It's composed of 20,000 ships.

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

New spaceship built

The R.I.C (robot invention company) has built 3 space ships, the biggest is called:
2192 spaceship

the medium one is called :
00798 spaceship

the smalles one is called:

Saturday, 11 April 2009

racing vehicle

vehicle for racing has been made they call it the racing 44444:

size wide: 2 metres
size long: 2 metres
sites: 2
speed: 26km minute

they only use it for racing because it is very fast.

power eclipse

-----this is a power eclipse each 14years this happens.
------The purple stuff is the power, to get the power you have to get all 20 monsters

Friday, 10 April 2009


s.s.a.c stands for secret spy agents community that helps people and salves mysteries but don't tell OK.
we might be looking at you right now so watch out.

Saturday, 4 April 2009

Komodia vs 5448

We call it 5448 because its name is not allowed in this galaxy and we put its code name
they want to rule komodia but 5448 will never make it.

Tuesday, 31 March 2009

The planets in our galaxy

This is a list a list of the planets in our galaxy:

Size: 5x Jupiter
Temperatue: 29 degrees celcius
Especiality: Creation of robots
Life: yes

Snow Lonia
Size: 2x Jupiter
Temperature: -30 degrees celcius
Especiality: Snow all year
Life: Yes

Army Kingdom
Size: 2x Jupiter
Temperature: 30 degrees celcius
Especiality: the army forces
Life: Yes

Master World
Size: 1x Jupiter
Temperature: 30 degrees celcius
Especiality: all army masters and generals go there to have special meetings
Life: yes

Size: 1x Jupiter
Temperature: 28 degrees celcius
Especiality: black floor
Life: yes

Animal Kingdom
Size: 21x Jupiter
Temperature: 28 degrees celcius
Especiality: animals
Life: yes

Monday, 30 March 2009

Peace Treety

A peace treety has been nighned by all the planets in komodia.
A few more planets from other galaxys have signed the peace treety so we will hopefuly won't have any wars.
Just in case we have made an army of 10,000 men

Galaxy Army

A new Army is being made in Coronithia, Army Kingdom and m.c.a. Lonia. It already has 10,000 men. Coronithia has said they would try to make 500 men at the end of the week.

New Under Water City in Coronithia

There is a new under water city in Coronithia called Cortazonia.
Location: Under the Coronithian sea
Temperature: 27 degrees celcius
No. of citizenzens: 500,000

Sunday, 29 March 2009

Stars and Comets

Fuegoziness: it's a realy bright comet and wherever it passes it leaves fire behind it.

Aquacines: a comet which is composed of 20% water and when it falls on a planet it is like a huge water bomb.

Trico: it's a star which is so bright that it can blind you if you look at it with a naked eye, to spot it you have to wear special sun-glases that are avaliable in all stores.

Archipenus: a dead star which has no black hole so you can even go up to it without getting sucked in or burned

Saturday, 28 March 2009


Coronithia is a very big planet with over 1,000,000 people living in it.

Size: 32X Jupiter
Temperature: 34 degrees celcius
Especiality: boats
Life: yes

rules in komodia

the basic rules are these:
-no injuring
-no stealing
-no insulting
-no smoking
-no killing animales with out permission
-no holding guns with out permission
-you must help somewhone if they're injured
-no liying
-no driving when your drunk
-no talking on the phone while driving
if you obay these rules you won't get arested

Friday, 27 March 2009

New Planet in the Galaxy

A new planet called Jail Planet has been made.
Any people that don't follow the rules from the galaxy will be taken to Prison Kingdom and inprisoned, so be warned, we are waching you!

Thursday, 26 March 2009

m.c.a lonia

m.c.a is one of the biggest planet in komodia there are 100,493,195,500 people living in it.

The water is much fresher .the people living on M.C.A lonia don't contaminate the environment because they care a lot of nature.they are 15x cleverer than humans.

size:50x bigger then Jupiter
speciality:jurrasic plants and animals


solenia is the sun from gallifrey and theres 3 solenias so they heat up all gallifrey(solar sistem)
big: bigger than the sun
temperature: degrees celcius
speciality:heats gallifrey